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The scope of applying PVC as the row material is vast, and so are the methods and machinery used in manufacturing these products. The word 'Spex' in the brand Silvin-Spex stand for 'specifications (specs)', implying we provide customized compounds as specified by you! In fact, no one understands specialty PVC compounds like Silvin does!!


Medical grade Compound

Rigid Pipes

Rigid PVC Compound


Nontoxic Toys Compound

1 Extrusion grade PVC compounds for :

  • Flexible Non Toxic Tubings for Medical applications like, Infusion Sets, Blood Sets, Urine bag, Enema Bags etc…
  • Rigid PVC Pipes for Construction usage
  • All kind of Wire & Cable application
  • Rigid & Flexible Door Window Profiles
  • Rigid & Flexible Automotive Profiles

2 Injection Molding Grade PVC Compounds for :

  • Flexible Non-Toxic Chambers for Infusion + blood sets etc...
  • Rigid Non-Toxic for Mucus Sets, Measure Volume Set etc. also.. molded parts like infusion set spike, connectors etc.
  • Rigid Non Toxic molded parts like Infusion set Spike, Connectors etc...
  • Rigid PVC fittings for Construction
  • Flexible / Rigid Gaskets for Helmant & Chemical pump parts
  • Inner liners for leask proof Caps & Closures
  • Face Mask, Food containers & Non-Toxic Toys

3 Other Specialty Compounds for :

  • Gama Radiation Stable Compounds for Medical Applications, Wire Cable applications and many other industrial applications.
  • Phthalate Free Compounds for Medical & Food Grade Applications
  • Radio Opaque compounds for Medical Applications
  • Taylor Made Flexible / Rigid Compounds to meet specific industry requirements
  • Plasticizers free compounds for flexible / rigid applications in Medical, Food Container & Wire & Cable

Silvin : Super One-Pack for Pipes

SilVin Super pack for Pipes

SilVin : Super One-Pack for Pipe Fittings

SilVin Super pack for Pipe Fittings

Silvin : India’s Rank-1 CPVC Compound