SWR Pipes

For making sewage, wastewater and rain-water pipes


Agri Pipes

Special pipes for all agricultural purposes



Plumbing Pipes

Plumbing requires various grades of pipe qualities


Conduit Pipes

For carrying and protecting electric wiring

PVC Super One-Pack property for UA/UP/UC:

General Properties
This silvin Super OnePack is a Calcium / Zinc heat stabilizer containing internal & external lubricants, processing aid etc. has good plasticizing properties, excellent heat stability, light initial color, color maintenance ability and outstanding weathering resistance.

Active Interdiencet: Cacium / Zinc based Super One-Pack

Appearance: White to Yellowish Powder

Form: Powder (Free-Flowing)

Density: 1.43 - 1.45 g/cm3

Characteristics of Compound made with Super OnePack:

  • Excellent Surface Smoothness
  • Better Mechnical Properties & Dimension Stability
  • Good Head Deflection Temperature
  • Excellent Pjysical & Thermal Properties
  • Balance Of Properties & Processing
CPVC Super One-Pack Properties (SDP) Typical Values
Foam Free Flowing Powder Foam
Mixing Point oC 95 - 100oC
Bulk Densigty (g/l) 640 g/ml
Density (@27 oC) 1.3033 g/cm3
Method of usage



Method of Usage

Mix the Resin and CaCo3, Super OnePack and pigment in suitable proportion.

Mix it in high-speed Mixer at 95° - 100° C temp.

Run the Mixer for 4-5 mnts.

Cool it in Cooler-Mixer till 40° C temp.

For details refer to General info Page



Standard Dosage for Pipes

Sr. No. Pressure Pipes (Color of Pipe) Pvc Resin (KG) CaCo3 (PHR) Super Onepack (PHR) Pigment / Tio2 / Color MB (PHR) Impact Modiefier / Processign Aid (PHR)
1 Agri PVC Pipe (Grey / White) 100 8 3 As Actual Not Required
2 Column / Riser Pipes (Whhite) 100 6 3.4 As Actual if Required
3 Casing Pipes (Blue) 100 8 3 As Actual if Required
4 Plumbing Pipes (Higher Thickness - White) 100 10 4 As Actual Not Required
5 Other PVC Pipes (Grey / White / Orange) 100 11 3.2 As Actual Not Required
Sr. No. Non - Pressure Pipes Pvc Resin (KG) CaCo3 (PHR) Super Onepack (PHR) Pigment / Tio2 / Color MB (PHR) Impact Modiefier / Processign Aid (PHR)
1 SWR PVC Pipes 100 UP TO 20 3.2 As Actual Not Required
2 Conduit Pipes 100 UP TO 20 3.2 As Actual if Required

Super OnePack For CPVC Pipes

Sr. No. Application CPVC Resin (KG) Super Onepack (PHR)
1 CPVC Pipes 100 25

Quality & Cost advantages of ‘Lead Free’ SilVin

Ready to use Single Powder

'Lead Free' compound is considered higher quality material worldover. Because the lead ingredient in the pipes is hazardous in the long term usage. Over the period cancerous toxics disseminate from the leadbased pipes material due to leaching process and get mixed-up with water!

Lead Free makes your pipes non-toxic and high quality. That's why all lead-free compounds are costlier than lead-based ones. But Silvin gives you Lead-Free at almost no extra cost. No big-league brand offers you this cost advantage. In near future, 'Lead-Free' might become the norm.. be the pioneer yourself by switching to Super-Silvin now.

Customized Products and Services to suit your production

Customized Products and Services to suit your production

30 Years of compounding expertise and ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified systems stand for guaranteed satisfaction

SilVin stands for customization of products and services. We get involved with your plan, projects, manufacturing processes and then suggest you a special formula 'Silvin Super - Pack' to you!

We are a solutions company you can rely upon for all your future requirement with reliable supply and services. We engage with your production staff till the formula is set to the finest details and smooth running.


Silvin : Super OnePack for Pipes

SilVin Super pack for Pipes

SilVin : Super OnePack for Pipe Fittings

SilVin Super pack for Pipe Fittings

Silvin : India’s Rank-1 CPVC Compound