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April 2018

April 2018

Vinyl India 2018

'SILVIN' participated at Vinyl India International PVC & Chlor – Alkali Summit 2018, which held in Mumbai, in April 2018, and promises to be even more exciting and vibrant this time around.

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Feb 2018

Plast India 2018

'SILVIN' participated at the PLASTINDIA 2018 – the 10th edition of PLASTINDIA EXHIBITIONS represents the very best of this empowerment of man’s very growth through the unceasing efforts of the Plastics community.

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May 2017

With focus on Super One-Pack,
‘Super-SilVin' gets big push at Chinaplas

SilVin's march to popularity continues… with grand success at recently concluded Chinaplas-2017 international exhibition. Lately, we at Basil-Prompt had been focusing on developing newer and better formulas of Super One-Pack; single powder for manufacturing all kinds of PVC Pipes and Fittings. These were projected prominently at Chinaplas and it received wonderful response from international clients. The built-in promise of quality with ease of manufacturing held them spellbound!
Plastvision News

SilVin : Super Additives. Quality Compounds.

This catchline, addressing customers' search for additives and our expertise of compounding really caught them and overall communication displayed at the SilVin stall made them sure that they have come to the right source. Then on, the ensuing discussions with support of technical information, R&D reports and endorsements from our reputed clientele convinced a lot of visiting customers of Super-SilVin's potential. We received a lot of inquiries then and there and a lot followed after the return from Chinaplas exhibition.

In India Super-SilVin is already successfully selling Super One-Pack for plumbing, agricultural, Sewage and Rainwater pipes & fittings. As you know, we customize the single 'lead-free' powder formula based on client requirement and have an impressive track-record of qualitative service-involvement and guidance. Recently Basil-Prompt has introduced Super One-Pack for Rigid profile, Shrink films, PVC sheets and Roofing tiles manufacturing as well.

Gradually, SilVin is becoming one of the major brand in the field of its operations. Please check-out this website to know about us and our products. We are committed to serve you like nobody else does!

Plastvision News

Jan 2017

Plastvision 2017

'SILVIN' participated at the Plastivison India , an International Exhibition on Plastics, organized once in three years by the All India Plastics Manufacturers Association (AIPMA).

Plastvision News
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May 2016

SilVin acquires a prominent player status & a Brand-to-reckon-with tag at :

chinaplas 2016

SilVin's participation was greatly successful in many ways. We had a significant basket of products for various plastic product segments. That attracted clients from varied industries and our being 'Compounders from India' made a huge impact in export market.

Seeing company's manufacturing and R&D facilities (including Brabender & Milacron) through our presentations, and the fact that we adheres to international regulatory standards made a remarkable impression. World class quality compounds with fair pricing and friendly service promise earned SilVin hundreds of orders and inquiries from Saudi Arabia, South East Asia, Middle East Asia, China and African continents.

chinaplas news

As can be seen in photos, our booth was always abuzz with curious crowds. Product innovations, specialty blends and branding impressed these visitors from world-over. 'Super SilVin' got reception as a brilliant idea for UPVC Fittings. 'SilVin Spex' and 'FLX' seemed to have fulfilled overseas clients' specialized PVC Compound requirements. 'SilVin-C' bit the costly imports easily. While, newly launched 'Spex-FRLS' compounds for premium cables too was picked-up by the cable industry quickly.

Chinaplas was a win-win proposition for SilVin and all our clients.


Feb. 2015

Reaching out and impressing the national international PVC players @ PlastIndia-2015

9th International Plastics Exhibition & Conference Feb. 5-10, 2015; Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
plast india
Plast-India is the single most important trade-expo for plastic industry in India. It attracts all the prominent national and international players of industry to take part and thousands of visitors every day. This year the venue was shifted to Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Home state for Basil- Prompt and we made the most of the given opportunity.

Plast-India was a good opportunity to showcase the new corporate identity of Basil-Prompt as a well organized and professional company. Our promotions, presentations and discussions with visitors made them aware of "SilVin" as a strong PVC compound brand with a bucket of sub-brands for various markets. Hundreds of PVC people visited Basil stall every day and got to know about our professional standards, technological innovations and improved capacities to meet all kind of demands.

We launched "Super-Silvin" - Super One-Pack for UPVC Fittings Compound here and it was appreciated by the industry. We are busy coping with hundreds of inquiries generated during this edition of Plast-India.