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Silvin CPVC Compound gives your CPVC pipes & Pipe fittings Diamond-like Qualities

A diamond is appreciated for its rarity, beauty, solidity and precious value. Silvin CPVC Compound compounds help your produce gain the same value : classic quality, solidity that lends it longevity, excellent finish, beauty and utility of Rank-1.


When we say "ISI Ready", we mean we follow all the international quality parameters and highly specified ISI standards in manufacturing our compound. So that all ISI mark holding companies and other manufacturers can use it without apprehensions for producing ISI quality pipes.

Compounds with Required VSP

As per ISI standards – the unique formula of Silvin CPVC Compound reaches to VSP - 110°C and all other processing parameters of ISI standards. Our commitment is to give you the best final products made with Silvin CPVC Compound compounds.


Excellent Thermal Stability for wide processing window

Silvin CPVC Compound compound has higher DTS (Dynamic Thermal Stability), which allows you more processing time (of approx 21 mnts) against increasing heat generation in the machine. This helps you manage quality production.

“Silvin CPVC Compound” Industrial Molding compounds are commonly used for :

    Pipe fittings for industrial and potable water applications
    Valves and flanges Pump housings and impellers
    Filter bodies and parts Scrubbing tower packing and parts
    Parts which require fire resistance and low smoke generation
    Parts which require impact and gloss retention after weathering exposure

Silvin CPVC Compound customizes the grade
suitable for your machines at the
highest world standards


CPVC requires specific processing parameters in order to achieve ISI standard quality. If an operational plant is not conducive for quality output; Basil Prompt provide required alteration, guidance, training and develop customized compound formula for your existing machinery.

A special blend formula that combines Best of the both Worlds

Qualities of the costly imports
At your doorstep, at local cost

With localised technical support

CPVC products manufacturing is a difficult proposition. It requires 100% matching of material quality with production processes. Final output may suffer due to 50-50 % chances of difficulties arising in processing and materials. When you are dealing with us using Silvin CPVC Compound, we guide you and provide support on machines, molds, processing parameters, operational training etc.

Properties of the Compounds:


High heat distortion temperature (VSP 110°C)


Excellent chemical resistance



Low smoke generation


Flame retardancy

CPVC Pipe and Pipe Fitting Grade

CPVC Pipe and Fitting Grade
Appearance Dry blend Granules
Processing Extrusion Injection
Colour Ivory/Gray Ivory/Gray
Granules Pipe Pipe Fitting, Ball valve
Technical Property CPVC Pipes Compunds CPVC Pipe Fittings Compunds
Physical Value Value
Resin Chlorine Content (% weight) 66.7 - 67.3 65.7 - 66.3
Compound Chlorine Content (% weight) 60.5 - 61.5 60.5 - 61.5
Density @ 27°C 1.49 - 1.50 g/cm³ 1.49 - 1.50 g/cm³
Tensile Strength ≥51 Mpa ≥53 Mpa
Tensile Modulus ≥2400 Mpa ≥2750 Mpa
Impact Strength ≥450 kJ/m² ≥550 kJ/m²
Ash Content (%) ≥6 6
Vicat Softening Point ≥110°C ≥105°C

Silvin : Super One-Pack for Pipes

SilVin Super pack for Pipes

SilVin : Super One-Pack for Pipe Fittings

SilVin Super pack for Pipe Fittings

Silvin : India’s Rank-1 CPVC Compound